Amateur astronomy telescopes

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Amateur astronomy is a hobby where participants enjoy observing or imaging celestial objects in the sky using the unaided eye , binoculars , or telescopes. Even though scientific research may not be their primary goal, some amateur astronomers make contributions in doing citizen science , such as by monitoring variable stars , [1] double stars [2] sunspots , [3] or occultations of stars by the Moon [4] or asteroids , [4] or by discovering transient astronomical events , such as comets , [5] galactic novae [6] or supernovae in other galaxies. Amateur astronomers do not use the field of astronomy as their primary source of income or support, and usually have no professional degree in astrophysics or advanced academic training in the subject. Most amateurs are hobbyists , while others have a high degree of experience in astronomy and may often assist and work alongside professional astronomers.

10 of the best telescopes for astronomy beginners

Best Telescope | Astronomical Telescopes for Viewing the Planets

By: Adrian R. Ashford April 16, 0. You can unsubscribe anytime. Editor's Note: This guide is an abridged version of an article on types of telescopes that was originally published in in our annual SkyWatch publication. The article is just as useful now as it was then, outlining the key aspects of telescopes that you'll want to pay attention to when considering a purchase.

Amateur astronomy

This is an exciting time to be alive if you have an interest in celestial objects. From interstellar objects visiting our solar system to astronomers winning the Nobel Prize for their discovery of exoplanets, history is being made on many fronts in astronomy. With a relatively inexpensive telescope, anyone can indulge in some amateur astronomy and with a few simple add-ons, indulge in some astrophotography as well.
These the best telescopes for astrophotography right now. There are plenty of great telescopes available to the amateur astronomer, but if you want to take pictures of what you see in the night sky aka astrophotography , figuring out the right tools for the task can be trickier. When choosing the best telescope for astrophotography, we are spoiled for choice nowadays. There are telescopes of almost every shape and size to choose from, ranging from budget telescopes for the beginner to highly advanced large telescopes for the experienced astronomer. There are a number of features to look out for, however, so here's a guide to some of the jargon, what it means and why it matters.