A boy and his perverted onee san

Duration: 12min 13sec Views: 1921 Submitted: 11.06.2019
Category: Amateur
Added to Cart. No battles, just ecchi scenes and daily life of a boy and his hot roommates. Sound effects and BGM have been added to give the world a little extra realism. Screen size is x pixels. Simply download and play!

The Happy Ecchi Roommate Life of a Shonen and Pervy Onesans

A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans' Happy H Apartment Life » Download Hentai Games

While the game does deliver what the cover shows, I somehow expected more out of this, and it does get a bit on the repetitive side. I did enjoy that Obasan and the 2 gyarus, tho. I know this is sad but I always get angry when in a story the father goes away for work and the mother goes with him rather than staying home to care for her child who still is far from being adult…. How do I interact with objects? How do i get him to study or whatever he has to do? To study go to the desk with the stool and press enter. However you are only able to do some action if he said he need to do it.

A Boy And His Perverted Oneesans’ Happy H Apartment Life [COMPLETED]

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